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Sithonia Holidays

Greece Halkidiki

Sithonia the central peninsula, can only be described as the best of Halkidiki. With almost 100 beaches, most of them having perfect white sand and some of the clearest waters in the world, this is a destination you will want to keep on your bucket list. Well known for its lively atmosphere and beautiful nature and architecture it has to offer makes this area, very popular with families with children. Sithonia’s beautiful white sand, blue flag beaches offer a wide range of beach bars and restaurants for you to enjoy. Small harbours and fishermen’s hamlets add to the peninsulas endless charm. Deep forests with olive plantations and picturesque meadows making Sithonia one of the most natural reserves in Greece. Whether it’s a cosy tavern or a gourmet restaurant, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the fresh fish delivered daily, from the fisherman to your table. A bounty of wonderful ingredients that have shaped this regions traditions of Mediterranean cuisine.

Things to do

  • There are a variety of Boat tours, which is a great way to tour the coast
  • Crystal clear beaches
  • Nikiti Old Village, a hidden gem this old town is worth a visit
  • Sarti is the main tourist area, South East of Sithonia. A recommended place to make a day trip. There are also daily cruises to Mount Athos a place we highly recommend.

    Airport Transfers to Sithonia

    Approximate transfer time from Thessaloniki Airport : 70 minutes

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