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5 Lantern Riad Au Maroc



Traditional Moroccan guesthouse and Riad boutique hotels: Sunway continue to offer the option of staying in these traditional guesthouses in Morocco. The term Riad means a house with an enclosed courtyard or garden within the walls of the Medina. These range from homely dwellings to beautifully decorated properties.


The rooms and suites are individually designed and finished by Moroccan craftsmen using traditional materials. This type of accommodation will suit independent clients who wish to experience the character and charm of an authentic Moroccan home.


These residences are located in the heart of the walls of the Medina in Marrakech and Essaouira down narrow residential walkways. As each Riad is so individual it is extremely difficult to grade them. To assist you in making your choice a Moroccan system of grading called Lanterns was introduced. 3 Lanterns to 5 Lanterns mainly based on pricing.


As each Riad has a limited number of rooms, Individual Riads cannot be requested at time of booking. Please note due to the location of these houses within the walls of the city, transfers will be made to the nearest possible location by transport with remainder on foot. #Note We strongly recommend that you stay on the first and last night in a hotel in Agadir. This is already included in the price and due to the flight arrival/departure time and transfer distance from Essaouira and Marrakech to Agadir airport.



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