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P&O Cruises

A P&O Cruises holiday is a great way to escape from everyday life and to explore many different destinations in one of the most relaxing ways imaginable. It offers you an extraordinary variety of activities and entertainment, plus exceptional restaurants and bars. And of course, if you simply want to escape, there’s plenty of opportunity to do absolutely nothing at all.

You have the choice of eight ships each offering a very different holiday experience. There are itineraries ranging from 2 nights to over 100 that explore the four corners of the globe. And with en suite accommodation, flights (where applicable), dining and entertainment day and night all included in the price, a cruise holiday is great value!

P&O Cruises Special Offers and Deals

08 June 2019 - 7 nights, Full Board

P&O Cruises Cruise Ships



Itineraries: 1
Price from: €1999


Itineraries: 1
Price from: €12400
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