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Morocco Holidays


Morocco Holidays

Morocco: an ancient kingdom of exotic beauty and mystery. The land of a thousand landscapes, where past and present overlap in perfect harmony, to the pleasure of everyone who decides to discover it. Of all the places on Earth – what makes Morocco one of the most exceptional and exciting holiday destinations?

Rich history

Morocco's territory is one of the unsung cradles of civilization. About 400,000 years old hominid fossils were found in Morocco, and by the Paleolithic era, this area had a population with a distinct culture.

In the Middle Ages, Moroccan kingdom was a major global force during the reign of its Berber dynasties. It shaped the face of the world way beyond its borders. Intense and turbulent relationship with Mediterranean Europe – especially Spain and Portugal – left traces which are visible to this day. Mediterranean Europe owes much of its iconic architecture to these North African influences.

Imagine how it must be at the very source of it. Moroccan building art awaits to be discovered – the vivid and impressive monuments, fortresses, medinas, squares and souks. But pay attention to details too, because every mosaic and every ornament contain the rich layers of Moroccan history within them. All you have to do is to keep your eyes wide open and soak it in.

Past and present in perfect unison

At times Morocco will feel like you've made a time travel, but don't be fooled that a holiday in Morocco is an archaeological expedition. Morocco is a place where past and present co-exist in harmony.

If you visit Morocco, you will enjoy unspoiled coastlines, mountains, deserts, and traditional medinas which are almost one with the landscape; but there is modern, cosmopolitan city experience awaiting as well. You can get lost in the astonishing past, but still remain firmly rooted in the comfortable present with all its benefits. This makes Morocco an ideal destination for multi-centre holidays, an exciting concept which allows you to make the most out of your holiday destination.

Magical scenery

Morocco is a place where Mediterranean, tropical and desert influences meet. You can enjoy such diversity of landscapes. Fine-sand beaches, rolling green hills, playful desert dunes, coupled with some epic man-made landscapes, believe it or not – all these are a part of the Moroccan experience.

Morocco owes this lively scenery collage to the extraordinary climate. It is predominantly Mediterranean but even in summer, the coastal region enjoys remarkably moderate temperatures due to the effects of the cooling currents off its Atlantic coast. This climatic diversity makes Morocco an ideal year-round destination.

Beyond nature

If the dazzling display of Morocco's history and natural beauty are not convincing enough, Morocco offers an amazing range of activities, whether you'd like to go sightseeing or shopping, or have a quiet retreat.

Shopping in Morocco is not simply a dull task of “buying stuff”. There is a whole unique culture revolving around the local markets called souks. Everything about these are exceptional – the goods, the way they're presented to the customer, the potential friendly haggling. The market places themselves have a unique look and feel. It's no wonder they are among Morocco's biggest tourist attractions.

Morocco is a home to one of the world's best cuisines, and exceptional artisan handcrafts.

If you prefer some quiet time, hammams are a place to visit. You can relax in the hot air, before moving to an even hotter room, and then finally cooling down after a wash-up and a massage. The practice is proven to cleanse and relax, plus you get to enjoy wonderful architecture and interiors of the baths.

On the other hand, Morocco has nightlife offering restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs are there to keep you entertained through the night. A special treat for some might be live music, and also belly dance, which is a quite common form of performance. Live performances of other kinds continue onto the streets, where street entertainers perform for the crowds.

If you feel a need for a little recreation, it is good to know that Agadir is one of the world's most renowned golfing spots, and wide coastline offers great opportunities for surfing outside Agadir.

Beauty of Morocco has never been closer

The fact that there are direct flights from Ireland to Agadir's Al Massira airport makes an idea of a holiday in Morocco all the more attractive. The resort of Agadir and city of Essaouira and Marrakech offer accommodations which suit all demands, needs, tastes and budgets.

With its many faces, ancient and modern, Morocco holds something for everyone, and its treasures and pleasures will leave no one cold.


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