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Turkey Bodrum Holidays

Bodrum Peninsula; an ideal choice for the discerning traveller. The Bodrum Peninsula has an easygoing charm and is an ideal place to experience what makes Turkey a country that holidaymakers return to again and again. Also referred to as “land of eternal blue” the Bodrum Peninsula is among the most beautiful areas of the Aegean region. It is unique in the sense that you can be amongst the hustle and bustle of a modern tourist centre one minute, but just a short walk away witness traditional scenes of Turkish life.

The town of Bodrum itself is a bustling and cosmopolitan resort on the Aegean coast, built around two bays, with the 15th century Crusader castle of St. Peter crowning the peninsula between them. It has long been a Bohemian playground for artists and writers and well-to-do visitors from Istanbul, but in recent years it is visitors from Ireland who have swelled its numbers and enhanced its reputation as a party capital. There is more to Bodrum though than just its club scene. Any visit to Bodrum holds the promise of adventure and fun. As you explore Bodrum you will find yourself in a constant state of discovery. It is a charming place with low rise white washed buildings draped in bougainvillea, their windows and door frames painted a vivid blue. While Bodrum doesn’t have its own sandy beach, you will find an abundance of stunning white sandy beaches along the coastline in the nearby resorts of Gumbet and Bitez, which are easily accessible by the frequent Dolmus bus service.

Situated just 3km from Bodrum, Gumbet has become a very popular holiday destination in recent years. Its warm shallow sea is centred around the golden arc of a gently curving beach, where conditions for windsurfing and other water sports are excellent. You’ll find an abundance of cafés and restaurants near the seafront and the many music bars and discos allow you to party until the early hours of the morning. This is a good resort for shopping with all the ‘designer’ goods one could ever want readily available and shops that never seem to close.

Bitez, described as the hidden gem of the Bodrum peninsula, is a small, charming resort surrounded by citrus groves, just 2km from Gumbet and 5km from Bodrum. It is a laid back resort with a very relaxed atmosphere, turquoise waters, tiny coves, beaches, tranquility and stunning scenery in abundance. The sand and shingle beach with its shallow waters makes it perfect for families and it is also ideal for windsurfing and for other water sports activities.The small village of Bitez has retained its unique peaceful character. As you wander around the village, you can catch a glimpse of the real life of the village people as they care for their livestock and tend to the fruit trees. In the evening you can wine and dine at the numerous beachfront cafés and restaurants. It is a relatively quiet resort with most bars and restaurants closing around midnight.

Milas-Bodrum Airport is situated on a peninsula that juts out from the southwest coast of Turkey into the Aegean Sea. The airport is located 36kms northeast of the town of Bodrum, and 16kms south of Milas. A spacious new international terminal was recently completed and the old terminal, now reserved for domestic flights, is 1km away. The terminals host about 2.5 million travellers per year, and are especially busy during the peak summer tourism months when charter flights arrive frequently from most major cities in Europe.

Destination Highlights
• Visit Bodrum Castle - An unforgettable
journey back to medieval times.
• Visit The Mausoleum - One of the seven
wonders of the ancient world.
• Experience the atmosphere of the ancient
• Enter through the Myndos Gate and be
privileged to visit Halicarnassus.
• Halikarnas Disco – ‘Out of this world every
night’ with up to 5,500 fellow partygoers at one of the biggest open-air nightclubs in the world!!!
• Visit The Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archeology - With 300,000 visitors annually,
featuring works of art, retrieved artifacts and shipwrecks (the oldest being the Uluburun, dating back 3,500 years), this the only underwater museum in Europe is a must see attraction during your visit to the Bodrum peninsula.
• Catamaran Floating Nightclub - Dance the night away with up to 2,000 fellow partygoers on the biggest floating nightclub in the World!!!
•For a fun filled family day out visit Dedeman Waterpark and sample one of the 24 slides and pools.
•Make a dream come true and swim with the dolphins in Bodrum Dolphin Park.

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