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Olhao Holiday

Algarve, Portugal

Olhao is a coastal town in the Algarve which grew out of the fishing industry in the seventeenth century. Olhao, located just ten kilometres east of Faro, is still one of the Algarve's main ports. It was here that the first canning factory was established in 1882, sparking a trend that was to spread in both directions along the coast, with canned tuna and sardines quickly becoming the Algarve's main source of income.

Olhao has a main avenue, opposite a marina and its filled with small local restaurants and bars. This town has a laid back atmosphere which will appeal to visitors who prefer to be away from the main tourist areas.

A quaint and energetic place, the market sells local produce such as fruit, honey and live chickens as well as a huge variety of fresh local fish.

The old quarter of Olhaois the historic centre and has a distinctly Moorish feel, with square whitewashed houses, flat terraced roofs and box-chaped chimneys.

Some of the quietest and biggest beaches in the Algarve are located a short ferry ride from Olhao, on the sandbank islands of Ilha da Cultura and Ilha da Armona.

Cultura and Armona form part of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, chosen as one of Portugal's 7 Natural Wonders, a vast protected lagoon system that stretches for sixty kilometers along the Algarve coastline and is home to rare migratory birds and shellfish. The park headquarters are located three kilometres inland from Olhao in a village called Quinta de Marim.

There are many Golf courses accessible from Olhao. The nearest one is Maragota course about 15 kilometres away. Benamor, Castro Marim, Colina Verde, Monte Rei and Quinta da Ria.


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